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Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language

Course Title:

Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language

Course Number:

LRKN L20378


Landau Forte College

Learning Area:



Level 2


Sally Petch

Start Date:

19 September 2017

End Date:

03 July 2018

Session Time(s):

Tuesday between 18:00 and 21:00

Total Sessions:


Total Hours:


Class Size:

Between 8 and 14 learners.


NOTE: This course has already finished.

Course Information

British Sign Language – Level 2 Certificate - 102 hours

What will I be learning?

 The aim of this qualification is to enable the learners to develop an ability to communicate with deaf people using British sign language in a range of familiar contexts, participating in longer and more open-ended exchanges than at Level 1

 This course will develop functional communication skills in BSL covering a range of real life, routine and daily experiences.

 By the end of the course the learner will be able to show signing skills in BSL structure at Level 2 by:

  • Demonstrating a number of grammatical features clearly and accurately
  • Demonstrating and respond to an appropriate amount and wider range of vocabulary
  • Understanding a signed narrative without major omission or inaccuracies
  • Responding accurately to signed questions relating to a signed narrative
  • Signing a presentation without major omission and inaccuracies
  • Participating in a conversation using sign language without misunderstanding, requiring frequent repetitions or clarifications and using an appropriate range of conversational strategies.

 Topics we will cover:

  • Everyday Conversation
  • Eating and Drinking
  • Shopping and Spending
  • Travel and Holidays

All learners will study the first theme and two of the other three.

Does the course lead to a qualification?

This course leads to the Signature Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language.

Assessment is included in the learning time for each unit. There is an assessment at the end of each unit.

 Candidates must achieve all three units below for the full qualification.

  1. BSL201 – Receptive BSL: This unit enables learners to demonstrate their understanding of routine language in everyday situations. This will be assessed by watching a DVD narrative with a series of 12 multiple choice questions, as set by Signature
  2. Unit 201: Multi-choice assessment set up by Signature
  3. BSL202 – Productive BSL: This unit enables learners to demonstrate their use of routine language in everyday situations expressed through simple sentence structures and set phrases and sign vocabulary in the form of a short presentation of a topic. (4-5 minute presentation)
  4. Unit 202: Video Assessment – externally assessed by a Signature assessor. 
  5. BSL203 – Conversational Skills: This unit allows learners to demonstrate that they can hold a routine conversation with a Deaf person by understanding and using language expressed through simple sentence structures and set phrases, expressing views and / or clarifying understanding. (7 minute conversation with a BSL user)
  6.  Unit 203: Video assessment with tutor – externally assessed by a Signature assessor.

Who is the course for?

The course is for both hearing and deaf learners who have acquired basic British Sign language skills for communication with deaf people.

Minimum entry requirement – CACDP/Signature Level 1 Certificate in British Sign language.

All learners will need to have their signing skills, receptive and productive, assessed before offered a place on the Signature BSL Level 2 course. An assessment will therefore need to be arranged prior to the start of the course.

What do I need to bring?

 A pen and paper for notes.

File to hold notes / handouts.

Handouts will be provided.

Are there any additional costs?

Assessment fees are approximate prices

  • Unit BSL 201:  £41
  • Unit BSL 202:  £51
  • Unit BSL 203:  £51

Total cost for all 3 units - £143 (all to be confirmed)

How will I know how I am progressing during the course?

Continuous / regular assessments in the course with feedbacks and reviews from your tutor.

Please note:

All the BSL assessments will take place at Rycote Centre as the main assessment centre.

Assessment dates will be fixed and may be different to your regular class day and time.

Your course tutor will give you more information at the start of the course

Can I have help in the class?

Learner Support

If you need support to learn, for example, a communicator, large print, personal care, specific equipment, or extra time, let us know.  We will work with you to identify what you need and how we can best support you.

 Learner Support Fund

If you are struggling to pay your exam fees or have a disability and need help to pay for transport to the course, we may be able to help you.   Ask the centre staff or your tutor for more information and an application form.  We have a small fund available to help learners who are experiencing genuine hardship. You are advised to apply as soon as you can

How is this course supported by DerbyLearn?

DerbyLearn is a learning platform that supports and complements most classes.  To find out more, please go to and sign up, it's free and well worth a look!

Progression within DALS

We have lots of courses planned to ensure you have a variety of progression routes.  If you are interested in another course, please ask for more information or telephone our helpline on Derby (01332) 717900 or

On completion of this course, you could progress to:

Accredited Level 3 Certificate in BSL with other provider

Health and Wellbeing

The slogan you see on our brochures and leaflets is:

meet enjoy learn achieve

This is because we believe that taking part in adult and community learning can open the door to new friendships, give you something enjoyable and worthwhile to do with your time, enable you to learn something new and give you a sense of achievement. That's got to make you feel good!


Volunteering opportunities

We have a number of rewarding volunteering opportunities both within DALS and with other organisations.  These can offer you a number of benefits, including the ability to enhance your employment prospects, and the ability to learn whilst supporting others.  If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering opportunities, please contact Pat Ward on 01332 642308 or email  You can also find information on volunteering opportunities on our noticeboards and website.

Venue Information

Landau Forte College


Fox Street, Derby, DE1 2LF


Ample Car Parking
Cycle Parking Available


Caretaker on site

Disability Support:

Disabled access to Ground Floor
Limited Upstairs access
Disabled Toilets
Disabled Parking available


Limited Facilities
Drinks Machine


Crèche Unavailable


First turn right after St Mary's Bridge onto Fox Street 01332 349106

Bus Routes:

No. H1

Enrolment Information

In Person

If you would like more information about this course or wish to enrol, please contact via:

Enrolment Centre:

Landau Forte College

Opening Times:

We are open: * Tuesday 6pm to 9pm (Term time only)


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01332 349106


By Email

Send your enrolment enquiry to

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To pay by credit/debit card or for more information about this course, please contact us on 01332 717900.


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