British Sign Language

bslDo you have family members who are deaf?

Do you meet deaf people through work or social activities?

Would you like to be able to communicate with deaf people more effectively?

We run a range of Sign Language and deaf related courses which are accredited by "Signature".  These include:

  • Deaf / Deafblind awareness
  • Communication tactics with deaf people
  • British Sign Language Entry 3 (30 hours)
  • Sign Language Level 1 (50 hours)
  • Sign Language Level 2 (90 hours)

To help prepare learners for the next stage we run bridging courses between Level 1 and Level 2.

All these courses are delivered by deaf Sign Language users. For the Deaf / Deafblind awareness and Communication tactics courses, a Sign Language communicator is available to facilitate and enable effective communication to take place. Also, to ensure that learners have access to full information, a Sign Language communicator is available for the first class in Sign Language Entry Level 3 and Sign Language Level 1 courses.


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