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Wellbeing Courses

There are 10 courses that match your selection during 2020 / 2021.
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Course Title & Venue Level Start & End Date Sessions Day Time
Wellbeing - Yoga for Health and Vitality   (course started)
Distance Learning Course
Mixed 12/04/21 - 28/06/21 10 Monday 10:30am
Wellbeing - Mindful Crafts   (course started)
Distance Learning Course
Mixed 20/04/21 - 06/07/21 10 Tuesday 10:00am
Wellbeing - Managing Anxiety through Change   (course started)
Distance Learning Course
Mixed 21/04/21 - 30/06/21 10 Wednesday 7:00pm
Wellbeing - Building Resilience to Enhance Your Coping Skills   (course started)
Distance Learning Course
Mixed 22/04/21 - 13/05/21 4 Thursday 7:00pm
Wellbeing - Drawing for Relaxation   (course started)
Distance Learning Course
Mixed 22/04/21 - 10/06/21 6 Thursday 1:00pm
Wellbeing - Tai Chi for Health and Relaxation   (course started)
Rycote Centre
Mixed 23/04/21 - 02/07/21 10 Friday 1:00pm
A Journey to Personal Wellbeing  
Allen Park Centre
Mixed 10/05/21 - 07/06/21 4 Monday 1:00pm
Wellbeing - Explore The Mediterranean Diet  
Distance Learning Course
Mixed 14/05/21 - 11/06/21 4 Friday 10:00am
Wellbeing - Boost Your Personal Resilience  
Women's Work
Mixed 09/06/21 - 09/06/21 1 Wednesday 1:00pm
A Journey to Personal Wellbeing  
Allen Park Centre
Mixed 14/06/21 - 05/07/21 4 Monday 1:00pm

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